Wednesday, 4 September 2013

In order not to burden the kidneys

Especially harmful are meats, like an old beef or mutton, as well as some by-products, as everything else, they are rich in iron, the excess of which is bad for the kidneys. In order not to burden the kidneys, it is possible to limit the use of fermented milk cheeses and cottage cheese. Foods high in vinegar and spicy dishes - Normally, the kidneys do not deliver to the extra hassle, spicy foods and foods containing vinegar should be excluded from the diet, since the breeding they can irritate the urinary tract, as well as to provoke the formation of toxins. Alcohol - one of the main enemies of healthy kidneys, since it destroys their cells.Get more sources here:Mike Walden Acne No More

Sometimes the abuse of alcohol can lead to kidney failure. The same, incidentally, applies to beer, which dehydrates the body and often causes a malfunction of the kidneys. Coffee, sodas also irritate the kidneys, and the curative mineral water without consulting a doctor can cause kidney disease and failure in their work. Greenhouse vegetables and fruits - In order not to overload the kidneys, should be excluded from your diet fruits and vegetables that are grown with the use of chemicals and pesticides, as well as grown hydroponically, such as in the use of food waste products are formed in the body and accumulate toxins that our kidneys is difficult to deduce.

What to eat and drink to the health of kidneys?

Proper nutrition - is a sure way to stay not only healthy, but also beautiful, because the causes of many diseases called it useless or just eating junk food and drinking the wrong mode. Of bad eating habits are affected organs: especially the "get" our liver and kidneys, because they become prisoners to the whims of the stomach. The kidneys are the filter of our body. This major body retains and displays the body of toxins and harmful substances. Unfortunately, they are the most vulnerable, because their health depends on various factors.Further detailes available here:Mike Walden Acne No More

But if you stick to a diet that will protect this body can maintain health and beauty, because prevention is much more effective than the most elaborate treatment.The food is harmful to the kidneys Foods high in salt - The danger to the kidneys are an excess of salt in the diet. Abundance salted, smoked foods, precooked and fast food (present on the salt content of which no detailed information) lead to excess accumulation of sodium in the blood, as well as the loss of this important element as potassium.

That adversely affects the condition of the body, especially the cardiovascular system, and the appearance of it is reflected immediately, since salt retains water in the body tissues, leading to edema. Products with high animal protein content, the problem is that the animal proteins are not "stored" and split into carbon dioxide and water as carbohydrates and fats, and therefore they lead to the formation of toxins.

Abnormalities of the central part of the retina

To detect abnormalities of the central part of the retina use a special Amsler grid. Keep it at a distance of 40 inches from the eye. Wear glasses if you wear them. Cover your right eye, left fix on a point in the center of the grid. All lines must seem to you straight, squares - to have the same size. If you see that the squares are lost in the middle there is a gray spot or lines appear wavy, you'll need to visit the office here for more Detailes:Mike Walden Acne No More

What do you have with the feet? In summer, women are often concerned about pain in the joints, burning sensation in the feet. This may be due to the impairment of the foot. The deformation can be congenital, as well as provoked by injuries, heavy physical work or overweight. If you worry too much pain, it is best to consult a specialist. Also in the summer take care of the feet. If you find changes( in the shape and color of the nail plate, foot itch, peel, chances are you're dealing with a fungal infection. Delay the process of treatment in any case impossible. When the first symptoms are shown immediately consult a specialist.

What do you have with the thyroid gland? Stand in front of a large mirror and drink a glass of clean water. In this case, fold the head back to swallow when you're good to see his neck. If during swallowing you notice swelling, should immediately consult a specialist.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The sun's rays acting on a naked body

In the highlands, on the banks of rivers, lakes, seas, more UV rays than in the valleys, in the industrial areas of cities. Smoke and dust reduce their intensity by 20-25 per cent. The sun's rays, acting on a naked body, cause complex physiological processes: fever, drop in blood pressure due to the expansion of blood vessels,(KYLE LEON CUSTOMIZED FAT LOSS SCAM) increased metabolism and sweating, and increase the number of red blood cells, increase hemoglobin.

However, these positive effects occur only if the 'correct dose. If overheating can occur as a number of opposing negative processes with the advent of headaches, fatigue, drowsiness, irritability, burns, loss of appetite. Particular caution should be exercised elderly, fragile blood vessels. The best time for sunbathing are in the middle lane summer morning hours (7-11), in the spring and fall - noon (11-14 hours). On hot days, pleasant and useful to sunbathe with a light wind (3.2 meters per second).

Wind prevents overheating and burns, evaporating perspiration from the surface of the track. Sunbathing should be one and a half hours after a meal and stop the session for an hour before a meal. The first session of hardening the sun for people with fair skin should not last more than 5 to 10 minutes of dark-skinned. Subsequent sessions can be increased by 5-10 minutes, and so on until one and a half hours. Healthy people can sunbathe in divided doses up to a total duration of 2-3 hours per day.

Sun bathing in the warm season

Sun bathing in the warm season, especially in the summer, has such useful medicinal properties, which has no other natural healing factor. Professor said: "There, where the sun often looks has nothing to do doctor." "The sun is in the same inseparable from our nature, like the blood in our body" -(KYLE LEON CUSTOMIZED FAT LOSS Review)
 wrote the eminent Soviet physiotherapist Professor. Solar energy is a constant factor of the environment a person has a decisive influence on the life of his body.

Scientists have noticed that people long isolated from the sun ceases to receive vitamin D, which is produced by irradiating the skin with ultraviolet rays, resulting inevitably lead to abnormalities in the normal activities of the various organs, reduced the amount of lime in the bones, and, therefore, their mechanical strength is significantly slow down the healing of wounds, increased susceptibility to colds. Therefore, prevention of "solar fasting" is a prerequisite for hardening. More Information here:KYLE LEON CUSTOMIZED FAT programme

The efficiency of solar baths depends on the amount of emitted ultraviolet rays, which are constantly changing throughout the year: in the winter they are negligible in the summer is extremely a lot, in the spring and fall less than in the summer, but more than in the winter, and in the afternoon than in the morning and evening. The intensity of sunbathing also depends on the purity and humidity, topography, location, nearby industrial facilities, etc.

Sunbathing suitable period

Sunbathing is better in a period of low solar activity that is, in the morning, up to 11 hours and in the evening - after 16. Period of solar activity (from 12 to 15 pm) is best avoided. Begin with 5 minutes of sun exposure. Then go into the shadows. The time spent in the sun, to increase gradually. Does not use creams before tanning based on mineral fats (petroleum jelly, glycerin), as well as essential oils, toilet water or perfume. It will be useful to use sunscreen, and better components with high SPF and UVA. By choosing the cream, consider your skin type.For More Guidelines Available here:KYLE LEON CUSTOMIZED FAT LOSS SCAM
How to sunbathe:-·    Define your phototype, do not light up, if you feel hunger or, conversely, just ate too tightly. After eating, wait at least an hour.
·Remember, tanning, protect your head hat, Panama hat, scarf, etc. And do not neglect sunglasses.
·Do not read while sunbathing - bright sun and without eyestrain.
·If sunbathing lying down - put something under his head, it should be raised.
·Do not put it in water in the sun - let the body cool down.
·Remember, after dipping in water wipe dry body. Water droplets may work as tiny lenses, and this will lead to sunburn.
·Avoid drinking ice cold drinks and do not eat ice cream on the beach, or you may spoil your holiday a snotty nose and a red throat.

How to control the level of cholesterol

For early diagnosis of coronary heart disease you should regularly (once a year, unless the doctor has appointed another) VEM-pass test - even if no symptoms, hinting at the heart problems, as long as you did not notice for risk, not only do you find yourself in the presence of a "bad heredity", but even in the absence of such - if you smoke or have you raised cholesterol. Regardless of age, you must be stronger than others to listen to his heart and checked regularly.Get more Information Click here:KYLE LEON CUSTOMIZED FAT LOSS SCAM

Sometimes my heart trembles as if for a few seconds. Is this normal? It all depends on the age, sex and situation. If this feeling lasts a few seconds, it may be the norm. This happens when an increase in blood pressure under stress, alcohol and physical activity. However, heart palpitations could be evidence of pathology. Such questions are best addressed not through a magazine and on a personal reception at the doctor who will do the ECG and prescribe additional tests, including ECG monitoring.

At what age do women increases the risk of sudden death from a heart attack if "fatal" line of men - 40 years? In general, a dangerous delusion - to believe that heart attack preys primarily for men. According to the WHO, heart issues account for 35% of mortality statistics for women and only 28% - men. The critical period for women - pre-and menopause when hormonal changes, reduced intake of estrogen.