Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Abnormalities of the central part of the retina

To detect abnormalities of the central part of the retina use a special Amsler grid. Keep it at a distance of 40 inches from the eye. Wear glasses if you wear them. Cover your right eye, left fix on a point in the center of the grid. All lines must seem to you straight, squares - to have the same size. If you see that the squares are lost in the middle there is a gray spot or lines appear wavy, you'll need to visit the office here for more Detailes:Mike Walden Acne No More

What do you have with the feet? In summer, women are often concerned about pain in the joints, burning sensation in the feet. This may be due to the impairment of the foot. The deformation can be congenital, as well as provoked by injuries, heavy physical work or overweight. If you worry too much pain, it is best to consult a specialist. Also in the summer take care of the feet. If you find changes( in the shape and color of the nail plate, foot itch, peel, chances are you're dealing with a fungal infection. Delay the process of treatment in any case impossible. When the first symptoms are shown immediately consult a specialist.

What do you have with the thyroid gland? Stand in front of a large mirror and drink a glass of clean water. In this case, fold the head back to swallow when you're good to see his neck. If during swallowing you notice swelling, should immediately consult a specialist.

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