Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Sun bathing in the warm season

Sun bathing in the warm season, especially in the summer, has such useful medicinal properties, which has no other natural healing factor. Professor said: "There, where the sun often looks has nothing to do doctor." "The sun is in the same inseparable from our nature, like the blood in our body" -(KYLE LEON CUSTOMIZED FAT LOSS Review)
 wrote the eminent Soviet physiotherapist Professor. Solar energy is a constant factor of the environment a person has a decisive influence on the life of his body.

Scientists have noticed that people long isolated from the sun ceases to receive vitamin D, which is produced by irradiating the skin with ultraviolet rays, resulting inevitably lead to abnormalities in the normal activities of the various organs, reduced the amount of lime in the bones, and, therefore, their mechanical strength is significantly slow down the healing of wounds, increased susceptibility to colds. Therefore, prevention of "solar fasting" is a prerequisite for hardening. More Information here:KYLE LEON CUSTOMIZED FAT programme

The efficiency of solar baths depends on the amount of emitted ultraviolet rays, which are constantly changing throughout the year: in the winter they are negligible in the summer is extremely a lot, in the spring and fall less than in the summer, but more than in the winter, and in the afternoon than in the morning and evening. The intensity of sunbathing also depends on the purity and humidity, topography, location, nearby industrial facilities, etc.http://health.producrate.com/kyle-leon-customized-fat-loss-scam/

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