Wednesday, 4 September 2013

What to eat and drink to the health of kidneys?

Proper nutrition - is a sure way to stay not only healthy, but also beautiful, because the causes of many diseases called it useless or just eating junk food and drinking the wrong mode. Of bad eating habits are affected organs: especially the "get" our liver and kidneys, because they become prisoners to the whims of the stomach. The kidneys are the filter of our body. This major body retains and displays the body of toxins and harmful substances. Unfortunately, they are the most vulnerable, because their health depends on various factors.Further detailes available here:Mike Walden Acne No More

But if you stick to a diet that will protect this body can maintain health and beauty, because prevention is much more effective than the most elaborate treatment.The food is harmful to the kidneys Foods high in salt - The danger to the kidneys are an excess of salt in the diet. Abundance salted, smoked foods, precooked and fast food (present on the salt content of which no detailed information) lead to excess accumulation of sodium in the blood, as well as the loss of this important element as potassium.

That adversely affects the condition of the body, especially the cardiovascular system, and the appearance of it is reflected immediately, since salt retains water in the body tissues, leading to edema. Products with high animal protein content, the problem is that the animal proteins are not "stored" and split into carbon dioxide and water as carbohydrates and fats, and therefore they lead to the formation of toxins.

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