Wednesday, 4 September 2013

In order not to burden the kidneys

Especially harmful are meats, like an old beef or mutton, as well as some by-products, as everything else, they are rich in iron, the excess of which is bad for the kidneys. In order not to burden the kidneys, it is possible to limit the use of fermented milk cheeses and cottage cheese. Foods high in vinegar and spicy dishes - Normally, the kidneys do not deliver to the extra hassle, spicy foods and foods containing vinegar should be excluded from the diet, since the breeding they can irritate the urinary tract, as well as to provoke the formation of toxins. Alcohol - one of the main enemies of healthy kidneys, since it destroys their cells.Get more sources here:Mike Walden Acne No More

Sometimes the abuse of alcohol can lead to kidney failure. The same, incidentally, applies to beer, which dehydrates the body and often causes a malfunction of the kidneys. Coffee, sodas also irritate the kidneys, and the curative mineral water without consulting a doctor can cause kidney disease and failure in their work. Greenhouse vegetables and fruits - In order not to overload the kidneys, should be excluded from your diet fruits and vegetables that are grown with the use of chemicals and pesticides, as well as grown hydroponically, such as in the use of food waste products are formed in the body and accumulate toxins that our kidneys is difficult to deduce.

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